Poppy Den Closes Its Doors For Good

Photo by Anthony Mair

Angelo Sosa | Photo by Anthony Mair

Although Tivoli Village representatives continued to deny its closure through August 27, Vegas Seven has confirmed that Poppy Den has closed its doors permanently after serving its final meal August 24.

“It’s a heartbreaking story,” chef Angelo Sosa says of the closure. “I definitely poured my heart and passion into that concept, and the team definitely worked very hard to get us where we were. The bottom line is there really just wasn’t enough momentum with the restaurant.”

Poppy Den was a major turning point for Tivoli Village—and off-Strip dining in general—marking one of the first times a celebrity chef of Sosa’s status had opted to steer clear of the casinos in favor of a suburban locale. “I wanted to know the locals,” he says of that decision. “That’s very important to me, because my food is very personal. It’s an intimate story of my life and my story and my staff and my team.”

Bradley Ogden followed him to Tivoli shortly after with Hops & Harvest. That restaurant closed in December.

For Sosa’s part, he says he’s not done with Las Vegas. When asked if he planned to return to town with another restaurant he quickly replied, “Yes. 100 percent. I see myself in Vegas. I want to be integrated into the Vegas community, in the suburbs. But also, my ultimate goal is to be on the Strip.”