Theophilus London Offered a Little Too Much Excitement

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, August 28

Theophilus London (4)

Photo by Erik Kabik/

“This is our pool party. This is a meet and greet. Let’s make this one intimate,” said the gaudily dressed Trinidadian-born, Brooklyn-based rapper/songwriter who entertained fans with a genre-defying 12-song set. London debuted three new songs from his upcoming album Vibezz, and he channeled his inner Michael Jackson by dancing with fans and inviting ladies onstage. London’s singing shined more than his rapping, though he seamlessly switched between the two during “Flying Overseas” and “I Stand Alone.” Unfortunately, London’s charisma and energy got the best of him as he tried to excite the tiny crowd, which consisted of more people sitting poolside than standing. Things got carried away when he invited the entire audience onstage—causing a scuffle with security and cutting his set short. It was fun, it was wild, but most importantly, it was entertaining. ★★★★✩

Photos by Erik Kabik/

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