Atmosphere’s Pill for ‘Premature Mid-Life Crisis’

On tour to promote their latest album, the indie hip-hop duo are headed to Brooklyn Bowl


If you’ve paid any attention to indie music within the past 20 years, chances are, you’ve heard of a hip-hop duo from Minneapolis named Atmosphere. The pair, consisting of MC Sean “Slug” Daley and producer Anthony “Ant” Davis, have pumped out six full-length albums and ten EPs addressing subjects such as ex-girlfriends, depression and addiction over vibrant instrumentals.  They’re no strangers to Las Vegas, as they’ve habitually made it a stop in their perpetual tour schedules.  On the road again in support of their latest effort, Southsiders, they’re set to perform at Brooklyn Bowl alongside Dem Atlas and Prof September 3. Daley took the time to chat with Vegas Seven about the new album, and what not to expect at their show.

Southsiders came out in May and addressed a variety of issues. Is there a unifying theme to it all?

Death and animal references.  This is rap for people who are suffering from a condition called pre-mature mid-life crisis.

“Bitter,” the album’s lead single is angsty. Who and/or what are you talking about?

[I’m] talking about myself. It’s a song about trying to finally accept the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

There’s a song called “Kanye West.” Considering that Atmosphere is considered a champion of the independent artists, why name a song after such a huge star?

We have a history of naming our songs after celebrities and bands: Saves the Day, Lifter Puller, Bob Seger, Rick James, Marvin Gaye, Paul Reubens, Suzanne Vega, etc.  This is no different.  I use a celebirty’s name as a metaphor for whatever the song is about.  In the case of Kanye West, that song is about loving something so much (giving so much of a fuck) that people misread you as “just not giving a fuck.”

What can viewers expect from the show?

No full frontal. We just wanna make people smile.

What’s next for Atmosphere?

This I’m not aware of. I will find out when I get there, and I will let you know.


8 p.m. September 3, Brooklyn Bowl, 3545 S. Las Vegas Blvd,  $27.50 in advance, $33 day of show, (702) 862-2695

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