Upcoming Shows: South Korean Power-Violence, Louisiana Black Metal

My Man Mike.

My Man Mike

South Korean power-violence? You know I want some, which is why I’ll be in the moshpit at 9 p.m. September 7 at the Dive, where My Man Mike will maul everyone in earshot. This explosive trio released a raucous 10-track album last year called Will You Marry Me? that wickedly weds thrash-metal riffs with punk-rock attitude. The lyrics are English-language, and right now my favorite song is the hilariously titled “Hey Man, I Found Viagra on the Street,” about the perils of swallowing random pills. Also on the bill: Portland punkers Piss Piss Piss and local acts Unfair Fight, are united Sheep on a Cliff, In Fugue and tongue-in-cheek rockers Time Crashers.

Santa Cruz, California, rockabilly three-piece the Chop Tops will chap asses and eardrums at 9 p.m. September 8 at Triple B. These guys have a real garage-stomping vibe that’s hard to, well, top. I especially love the hot guitar licks and cool vocal harmonies in their song “My Curse.” They’re obviously big Carl Perkins fans, too, which earns them extra points in my rock-critic gradebook. Yes, anyone who’s attended Viva Las Vegas in recent years probably knows the Tops well, but I’m only now (go ahead and sue me) starting to explore their music. man, it’s really sharp. I’m looking forward to this one. Also on the bill: Las Vegas psychobilly trio Dead at Midnight and Henderson country-core quartet the People’s Whiskey.

Baton Rouge, Louisana-born black-metal ensemble Barghest is slated to bludgeon suspecting headbangers at Cheyenne Saloon at 10 p.m. September 9. If there had been any justice, the music made by these Louisiana delinquents would’ve appeared in HBO’s celebrated dark crime series True Detective, because Burghest sonically emanates the vilest, scariest evil. Taking their name from a goblin monster in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the band’s new CD The Virtuous Purge has caused me to lose more than a few nights of sleep what with all blast-beats, brutal bellowing and blistering guitar. I pray Burghest’s setlist include crucifying cut “When the Cross Points to Hell,” because I like it when music frightens me. As of this writing, I can’t confirmed which bands will share the bill. Honestly it doesn’t matter, because this show will slay.


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