Up Next: The Dubya

The Franklin lounge at the Delano.

The Franklin lounge at the Delano.

In honor of the Delano’s opening coinciding with Ken Burns’ 14-hour PBS documentary The Roosevelts: An Intimate History beginning September 14, we wondered if the all-suite South Beach-inspired hotel (formerly THEhotel) might consider carrying the presidential theme further. After all, there’s already the lobby lounge, Franklin, which offers cocktails called the New Deal and Mr. Hyde (the latter perhaps an homage to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Hyde Park, New York, estate). So how about these FDR-inspired additions: the dog-friendly Fala Suites; cabanas built around firesides, you know, for chats; the Warm Springs spa, for his beloved Georgia retreat; the Yalta Conference Center; the Museum of Wheelchairs; and, of course, the haunting mural of FDR’s mistress hanging in the Lucy Mercer restaurant. Paying tribute to FDR’s relatives, each guest under 12 gets a free Teddy; Muzak only plays “Happy Days Are Here Again”; and instead of penny slots, dime slots. Of course, we can’t forget about outdoor entertainment, so why not an extreme attraction attached to the hotel’s facade? The name: Fear Itself.

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