Tesla vs. Tesla: Tale of the Tape



The country’s top electric-car producer. WHAT The country’s top five-man acoustical jam.
Northern California. HAILS FROM Also Northern California, a magical land where anything can happen, from the birth of tomorrow’s technocrats to the birth of genre-spanning pop-metal acts.
The $5 billion gigafactory in Storey County. WHERE Eastside Cannery on Sept. 20.
The Model S, with more than 30,000 on the road worldwide since its introduction in 2012. BIGGEST HIT “Signs,” the inexplicably popular 1990 cover that drove more than 1 million in sales because this was an era when people wore overalls with one strap and Michael Bolton had a No. 1 single and society was crumbling down around our ears, but no one noticed because they were too busy buying Tesla records.
The Model 3, expected to bow in 2017 at a more-affordable price point of $35,000-$40,000. THE NEXT BIG THING “About seven new songs!” according to guitarist Frank Hannon’s Facebook page.
In the neighborhood of $5 billion, according to projections released by the state. ECONOMIC IMPACT About $140,000 if the band got 10 bucks for every copy sold in the first week of its June release Simplicity.
Geeks, environmentalists, car nuts, futurists. FAN BASE Burnouts, former Extreme roadies, pre-grunge music enthusiasts, tape-deck holdouts.

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