Wherever the Roads May Lead Us

You’ll drive Siri crazy, but if you’re looking for adventure, it’s time to disobey those digital directions and take some inspirational detours

This slab is a rare remnant of the original Manzanar housing. Like much of this trip, the surroundings are harsh but beautiful. You’ve undoubtedly seen the Alabama Hills in the background—at the movies.

American Safari

Taking the slow road to the Bay Area, one unexpected delight at a time | Read more…

False advertising: There are no beds and no kitchen at Roy’s Cafe and Motel.

To Los Angeles, Via America

Pull off the 15, take some extra time and rediscover what the open road once meant. Just watch out for potholes. | Read more…

Exploring Taos Pueblo, bow and arrow in hand. | Photo by Greg Blake Miller

The High Road

A father-son journey to Santa Fe and beyond | Read more…

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American Safari

Great Drives 2014

American Safari

By Julian Kilker

I really discovered what “safari” means while living in Kenya in the late 1980s, when I traveled by bus across that country every few weeks. These weren’t the khaki-clad, native-guided, exotic animal-hunting safaris of such Hollywood films as Mogambo, but more serendipitous explorations of remote locations under challenging conditions.