A Rum and Beer Tale

The Liquid Pigskin Cocktail from Rhumbar. Photo by Jon Estrada

The Liquid Pigskin Cocktail from Rhumbar. Photo by Jon Estrada

Few things are so well matched as football season and beer. Except perhaps rum and cigars. All four can be enjoyed at Rhumbar in The Mirage. There, mixologist Lillian Hargrove created a gridiron-inspired specialty beertail just for football season, with Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice and vanilla syrup, topped with Blue Moon Belgian-style wheat ale and a vanilla and orange blossom-infused rum foam. The drink’s rather unsubtle name, Liquid Pig Skin ($12), may have you running for the exit, but its story is worth telling.

Hargrove has celiac disease, which prevented her from tasting during the creative process. “I rely mostly on my sense of smell and the information about the beer that I have that I’ve researched,” she says. “Although I can’t drink it, I should at least be able to speak to guests about it.” And then there are the volunteers, lucky friends, regulars and coworkers who road test Hargrove’s recipes. “Or, if I see a guest order two or three of the same stout, I ask if he’s willing to give me his opinion.” And really, who wouldn’t?


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