Team Bars Can’t Be Beat


I’ve spent a lot of time the past two weeks checking out football parties around town. There are still some good ones in the casinos, but there’s been a distinct drop-off in recent years with the action moving out of the ballrooms and back into the sportsbooks. Likewise in the non-casino bars: Football is still on all the TVs, but dedicated “parties” are less common, with a notable exception: the team bars.

Several bars follow a specific NFL team. The extent to which they do varies—for example, some offer food-and-drink deals that include cuisine from back home—but they all attract crowds of former residents of, or current visitors from, their chosen team’s city. The combination of lots of people rooting for the same team and everyone emanating from the same place makes for a supercharged atmosphere in most cases. These are often the best venues for viewing on a Monday or Thursday night (when the bar’s team is playing), even if you aren’t from there.

The list covers 20 of the 32 NFL teams (you can find them easily online, and key distinguishing information is included where necessary). It may not be 100 percent complete, but I’d put it up against any other list out there. The Bears lead the way with 10 bars; winning is always preferred, as the Super Bowl champion Seahawks have jumped from just two last year to five.

49ers—Calico Jack’s, Hi Score Bar & Arcade, Inn Zone (S. Nellis), Lucky’s Lounge (Jones), Timbers (W. Azure), Tommy Rocker’s

Bears—Aurelio’s Pizza, A Slice of Chicago, Brando’s, E-String, Inn Zone (St. Rose Pkwy.), La Piazza, Rosati’s (two: N. Rainbow, N. Durango), Shucks (N. Durango), Timbers (W. Cheyenne)

Bills—Johnny Mac’s, Moon Doggies, Stake Out, Time-Out Sports, Office Bar

Broncos—Balboa Pizza, Black Mountain Grill, Four-Mile Bar, Jake’s Bar, Road Runner (two: Grand Canyon & N. Buffalo)

Browns—Annie’s Gourmet Italian, Boulevard Bar & Grill, Giuseppe’s, Kopper Keg West, Tap House

Chargers—Shooters, Surf City, Timbers (N. Gibson)

Chiefs—Blue Diamond Saloon, Joey’s

Cowboys—Mr. D’s, Red Label

Dolphins—Tropicana Lounge

Eagles—Madison Avenue

Giants—Dealers Choice, Johnny Fontane’s, Torrey Pines Pub

Lions—Crowbar (W. Flamingo)

Packers—Big Dog’s Draft House, Champagne’s Café, Jackson’s, Rum Runner (three: Boulder Hwy., E. Tropicana, E. Desert Inn), Timbers (E. Lake Mead)

Raiders—Crowbar (S. Rainbow), Legends, Lucy’s, Shifty’s

Ravens—Crab Corner (Maryland Pkwy.)

Saints—7-11 Bar

Redskins—Crown & Anchor (Maryland Pkwy.)

Seahawks—BJ’s West, Crown & Anchor (Spring Mtn.), Hookah Master’s Lounge, Scooter’s, Timbers (W. Horizon Ridge)

Steelers—Bob Taylor’s, Noreen’s, Timbers (two: Novat and N. Durango)

Vikings—Bailey’s, Blue Ox Central, Blue Ox Tavern.

The following teams don’t have a home bar: Bengals, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Colts, Falcons, Jaguars, Jets, Panthers, Patriots, Rams, Texans and Titans.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor, a monthly newsletter and website dedicated to finding the best deals in town.

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