Twofer Buffets, a Prime Prime and Potato Pierogi

6256184100_78bd85f32b_zA couple of months ago I suggested that locals sign up for The Code players card at SLS Las Vegas. That recommendation was given on spec, but it turned out to be good advice. SLS is marketing aggressively, and locals with a players card now get $5 drinks property-wide from 5-8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and two-for-one buffets anytime. That buffet deal is a good one, worth a $20-$40 savings, depending on which meal you eat. While we’re on the topic of two-for-one buffets: You can also get them at Silverton on Thursdays in October; just show your card.

By the way, after opening with some fairly good video poker, SLS has made moves to make it even better. When I last looked, there were nine different schedules at the 25-cent level returning above 99 percent. That’s impressive for a Strip casino.

➜ On the subject of good VP in unlikely places, Crowbar on West Flamingo Road has 7/5 Bonus Poker with 4-of-a-kinds in 5s through Kings spinning the bonus wheel. That combo generates about a 99.5 percent return.

PT’s doesn’t make this column very often. As the dominant bar group in Vegas, they simply don’t have to go out of their way to pull in business. But here’s a deal I’ve been overlooking: The PT’s bars serve breakfast for half price from 6-10 a.m. every day. After the discount, it’s $3.50 for pancakes, $4.50 for omelets and breakfast burritos, and $6.50 for steak & eggs. All are big plates made with three eggs, potatoes and toast. Winner!

➜ The latest deal from the Downtown Grand is a $9.99 prime rib. There are a lot of discount primes in casinos, but none currently as good as this one. Served from 5-10 p.m. daily in S+O, there are no decisions to make. It comes with a vegetable, mashed potatoes and au jus (no salad and no rolls). What makes it so good is that it comes right out of the roaster, so it’s not dried by a microwave.

➜ Want some pierogi? Get ’em Thursday-Saturday nights at Atomic Liquors. They’re prepared at a cooking stand outside (officially called King’s Sausage) and come five for $7. The choices are potato, sauerkraut and mushroom, or meat. The brats and kielbasa might be even better for the same price, but how ’ya gonna pass on pierogi?

➜ I don’t mean to rag on the new guy, but it’s not easy finding a deal at the recently opened Delano Las Vegas. It doesn’t have gambling, so that puts a crimp in the promo department. They do have complimentary cucumber-lemongrass-mint or strawberry-lavender-ginger drinks in the check-in area, but other than that, I’ll keep looking.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor.

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