New Captain Cook’s Food Truck Offers Pedigreed ’Cue

captain_cooks_bbq_truck_courtesy_03_WEBBryan Holmes and Steven Wichmann were destined to barbecue. Friends since first grade, the duo grew up in the barbecue mecca of Kansas City, living on the same block across from Oklahoma Joe’s, a world-renowned BBQ joint. Holmes actually shared a backyard fence with the city’s barbecue baron, Paul Kirk. Wichmann says when he and Holmes were kids, they would fetch baseballs they hit into Kirk’s yard. “There would be grills and smokers everywhere.”

Kirk is probably unaware of how much he influenced the two young boys who in July opened their own BBQ food truck, Captain Cook’s Kansas City BBQ. Holmes’ baked beans, which are available on the truck, placed in the American Royal World Series of Barbecue in 2007. His specialty is long smokes—up to 16 hours—with hickory wood. Everything on the menu, including chicken, pulled pork, sausage and ribs, costs from $8 to $10, and comes with two sides. Find Captain Cook’s at First Fridays, or follow them on Twitter at @CaptainCooksBBQ for locations.


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