Marion Write Strikes Black Gold, Almost Normal Turns “Blue”

Plus, DJ Technicolor sends us chill vibes and rapper Jay EightyNine hits us with a double EP drop.

There’s an abundance of musical talent in Las Vegas, so much that it can be hard to keep up. Which is why we present to you Hear Now, a new column where we’ll highlight some of the latest (legal) music downloads, streams and videos from Vegas artists. This week’s roundup includes a free album from Vegas rapper Marion Write and an unexpected cover from Almost Normal, among other recent projects.

Marion Write – Black Gold LP

For all the paper chasing that rappers do, some of ’em are just too damn generous. Marion Write, one half of The Greater Good, dropped a strong release last month in Black Gold, which he’s made available for free download or purchase via iTunes. Catching buzz on popular hip-hop blogs, Black Gold paints stories of struggle and hustle through thoughtful, introspective rhymes complimented by crisp, soulful production. I’ve had “VSOM (Vegas State of Mind) pt. 2” on loop all morning.

Almost Normal – “Blue”

As proof that indie-alternative duo Almost Normal can do no wrong, they take the awful “Blue” by Eiffel 65 and make it tolerable. It didn’t hit me until the chorus that it was that song. The melody of the keys sounded familiar and the lyrics were a little weird, but I nodded along unsuspectingly to singer Ashley Lampman’s soothing vocals and Andrew Zakher’s heavy drums. And then it came: I’m blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-die. Fuck you guys for making me like this.

Jay Eightynine – 1989 vol. one and nourishment (DEMO TAPE)

Rapper/producer Jay Eightynine recently dropped two free projects, the first a three-track vocal EP titled 1989 vol. one, the other a collection of short lo-fi instrumentals titled nourishment (DEMO TAPE). While Jay doesn’t slouch lyrically on 1989nourishment‘s beats have me curious to see what else he comes up with musically as he teases us with various styles from laid-back grooves on “Alarm Clock” to drum-and-bass on “Pyramid Deep.” Listen to 1989 below, hit Jay’s website for nourishment.

DJ Technicolor – Feature Radio Vol. 3

While we won’t feature many mixes on here—everyone’s a damn DJTechnicolor‘s latest, for Feature Sneaker Boutique, is too good for folks to sleep on. Feature Radio Vol. 3 is an hour of chill vibes, with smooth remixes to some of your favorite R&B and hip-hop cuts. Put your earphones on, press play and forget that it’s Monday.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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