What Fashion Faux Pas Drives This Attorney Crazy?

Photo by Jon Estrada

“My style is very classic. I don’t like anything too trendy,” says McClenahan, who is wearing: Paul Smith suit; custom shirt; To Boot New York shoes; Duchamp tie; Cartier watch. | Photo by Jon Estrada. Shot on location at SLS Las Vegas.

Who: Sean McClenahan

What: Attorney

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?

I don’t have any … but when I see a guy with a big, fat wallet in his back pocket, it drives me mad. Why do you need a wallet that big? And why does it need to be protruding out of your pants?

If you could go shopping with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

For a man, I would say [designer and film director] Tom Ford, because he is the epitome of amazing when it comes to fashion. And for a woman: Jacqueline Kennedy. She was just simply gorgeous.

How has your style evolved over the years?

I’m trying to take more risks with patterns and different things. I used to be very bland. Now, I’m starting to experiment. This happened in the last year or so—when I left the world of working in a law firm and started working for myself.

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