Upcoming Shows: Cali Orgies, Portland Bodies, Reckless Rockers

Orgy plays LVCS October 11.

Orgy plays LVCS October 11.

L.A. death-pop band Orgy seduces LVCS at 8 p.m. October 11. Danceable and dark, this spooky gang of synth-slammers specialize in groove-busting yet melancholy tunes such as “Wide Awake and Dead,” released in June. Orgy’s last album, Punk Statik Paranoia, is 10 years old and is said to have lost them more than a few fans because of the addition of scream-vocals. But now, at least to my underground ears, the band, despite its edgy name, sounds as appealing and radio-friendly as ever. I’m eager to see them put it all together onstage. Also on the bill: EMDF, Lovesick Radio, Gorilla Head, Black Masses, Badpitt & Adam Crow and Mad About Me.

Portland, Oregon, sludge-metal two-piece The Body breaks into Cheyenne Saloon at 9 p.m. October 14. They sound like a hundred-car pile-up on the I-15 bursting into flames with the force of a nuclear strike. “Sarin, How the Gods Kill” is nightmare-inducing, with its caterwaul screaming and hypnotic dirge-bass loop. There have been sensational Internet stories confirming these guys sold their collection of firearms to move from Rhode Island to Oregon. I can’t wait to have my eardrums brutalized by the heaviest band this side of the Colorado River. Also on the bill: Providence-based primitive black-metal band Sandworm and local groups China and Spiritual Shepherd.

The Pretty Reckless crash into Vinyl at the Hard Rock at 8 p.m. October 15. The hard-rock band, led by recovering Hollywood actress Taylor Momsen (Gossip Girl), delivered a second album earlier this year called Going to Hell that I’ve yet to stop spinning. The title track’s hammering guitar riffs and confessional lyrics of damnable behavior is the best thing I’ve heard on commercial radio in years. Melodic and heavier than a ton of bricks, The Pretty Reckless are serious musicians and almost worth mentioning in the same breath as Led Zeppelin, Heart and Nirvana. Of all this year’s Vinyl shows, I’ve most anticipated Momsen & Co.

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