Freakin’ Frog Takes a Leap


UNLV-adjacent beer den the Freakin’ Frog will go on hiatus at the end of October, says bar owner Adam Carmer. The shopping center where the bar is located on Maryland Parkway is to be renovated, which Carmer says is the reason for the break.

Fortunately, the developers of the center and Carmer’s vision of progression are aligned: “We want a revitalized version of the concept,” Carmer says of the Frog and his bar-within-a-bar, the Whisky Attic, which occupies the second floor. So a return is expected, although there is no timeline. In the interim, Carmer’s plan is to focus on alcoholic beverage academia as a way of improving the already respected bar. “We are the first beer cellar, first certified-green, first no-gaming, first free-Wi-Fi [establishment on Maryland Parkway]. We like being in the mode where we can lead in a positive way.”

The reservations-only Attic has “developed into its own animal,” Carmer says, hosting whiskey flight schools, rare keg tappings and a quirkily fun Robert Burns poetry night. “It is going to be resurrected in other forms, possibly in other areas.”

However you feel about this temporary interruption of your regularly scheduled beer or whiskey flight, starting October 15, you’re going to want to make your way down to the Frog to do your part in culling the bar’s notoriously massive collection (1,100 at last count) for great beer specials and aged barrels on tap—what Carmer calls a “beer free-for-all.”

This isn’t “goodbye”—it’s just “cheers!”


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