From Cirque Artist to Underwater Promoter

Photo by Anthony Mair

Caroline Lauzon | Photo by Anthony Mair

Then: A former diver for the Canadian national team, Caroline Lauzon joined Cirque du Soleil in 2003, first with O, and then Iris (in Hollywood), Zarkana and .
Now: Marketing and event coordinator for Water Beauties, a production company for synchronized swimmers and aquatic models. She still performs with .

Lauzon had expected to finish her acrobatic career with Cirque’s Iris production, but that show abruptly ended after just 18 months. “I realized that the expiration date for the job might be a lot sooner than I wanted,” Lauzon says. “Shows can be canceled. You can just not fit the profile anymore.”

Lauzon was thrilled when another Cirque job opened back in Las Vegas, but she also knew it was time to start preparing for her final curtain call. She’d always been the unofficial planner for the birthdays, showers and going-away parties for her immediate Cirque family, but knew she’d need to build her professional skills. A Google search led to her enrolling in the International School of Hospitality, to gain marketing and event-management skills.

In June, another former Cirque performer offered Lauzon a position with Water Beauties, where she recently organized a “splash mob” at Wynn’s Azure pool to promote a bathing suit boutique at the resort. “I was so nervous going in for the interview. I was 31 and had never had a real interview,” she says. “I was so afraid I’d flub the ‘What makes you qualified for this?’ [question]. After a few minutes of talking, I realized that I really wanted this job—that I could be as passionate about it as I was about performing.

“All of a sudden I felt grown-up.”

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