Mercy Music’s “Undone” is A 14-Year-Old’s Fantasy

There can be few better feelings in life than being 14 years old and having someone give you free rein to smash the hell out of a house. Like, maybe self-powered human flight would come close. Maybe. In the new video for Mercy Music’s “Undone” (filmed by WENDOH Media partner Shoot to Kill), an adolescent blond kid teaches homeowners a lesson in having their newspaper stop delivery when they’re on vacation, as the telltale sign of an abandoned residence lures him in to unleash his inner Visigoth, get blasted on Barefoot wine and play with either A) his reminiscing future-self or B) a Jacob Marley-esque ghost warning the kid on the perils of vandalism, depending on how you read it. It all gets served up on a bed of Weezer-esque jangle pop.

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