DJ Michelle ‘Crykit’ Kolnik Mixes Street and High Fashion

Photo by Jon Estrada

Thrift store jacket. Coterie top. Topshop skirt and hat. Jeffrey Campbell shoes. @newcosmicorder necklace. | Photo by Jon Estrada

What’s the origin of your DJ name “Crykit”? It was given to me during high school through the rave scene. I was so bouncy and always happy to be out meeting new people and socializing. My style of dancing is also like a cricket—bouncing around with my bubbly personality.

Define your sense of style. Boy meets girl. I love masculine looks with a feminine vibe. Androgynous is another way to describe it. I also love thrifting. Vintage, street and high fashion—I like mixing pieces from each.

Which celebrities or musicians inspire your look? I really love the Nervo twins. They can pull off the jeans and T-shirt look, but when it’s a bigger event, you see them in really cool high-fashion pieces. They know how to be playful with what they’re wearing. I also love M.I.A. and Gwen Stefani.

Where does your fashion sense come from? I didn’t have anyone [around me] growing up who was into fashion. Magazines [inspired me]. I love going through gossip magazines—never to read them, just to see what everybody is wearing. I’m originally from Wisconsin, but a lot of my style comes from having lived for 10 years in San Francisco.

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