PollyGrind Rises From the Undead

In its fifth year, the indie film festival perseveres in its mission to show underground films

paranoiatapesteaser[2]Even for Las Vegas, the PollyGrind Underground Film Festival is something unusual. In its fifth year, the festival continues to spotlight edgy, weird and outlandish horror films. With titles such as Ms. Vampy’s Love Bites, Rebel Scum and Naked Zombie Girl, the festival clearly embraces camp genre and gory offerings.

As kooky and kitschy as all that may be, the oddest thing about PollyGrind is that it nearly didn’t happen. Seven days before the fest was slated to begin, the Century 16 South Point movie theatre, owned by Cinemark, declared the content objectionable and denied festival organizer Chad Clinton Freeman the use of the venue. Cut to a number of contributors pulling their films and Freeman contemplating a premature fade to black. (Cinemark was not available for comment.)

But there was an indie movie miracle waiting to save the third act. The next day, through the efforts of festival friends, fans and staff, Freeman was on the phone with the VP of Galaxy Theatres, sealing a deal to screen a scaled-down version of the festival. Despite so many changes, this celebration of freedom of expression is sure to be a remarkable sight. As the festival hashtag goes, perhaps Grind really is beautiful.

Pollygrind takes place October 16-18 at various venues. Visit Pollygrind.com for more information.

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