Strangers in Strange Lands

Five true tales of life out of context 


Off the Island

“They took us to an empty house near the tracks. I opened the largest blade on my Swiss Army knife and announced that we were going to the train station. Now. They complied.” | Read more…


Operation Chocolate Chip

“I knelt behind the dumpster, the container of cookies in my hands as the footsteps drew closer. Kelton and I braced ourselves, knowing we were about to get busted.” | Read more…


The Beach, Stripped Bare

“In a moment, I was back in my hotel room, looking out over the blue-green waters and white sand with not even the slightest notion that anything bad could happen in that place.” | Read more…


The Eternal Offseason

“Elma was a wisp of a girl who could run forever. But me? The clumsy one who was only on cross country because I couldn’t make any other team? Don’t patronize me, Coach.” | Read more…


Closed City

“I had arrived, ready for rebirth; I had boarded the morning train and found that the currency of my goodwill was no damn good.” Read more…