The Badlands Keep It Rustic, Dizzy Wright Stays Humble

Still picking up the pieces from last month, this edition of Hear Now features the latest EP from country-folk outfit The Badlands, a Halloween treat from pop-punk band The Forget Me Nows and a freestyle from Dizzy Wright, along with new singles from Zachg and Montage.

The Badlands – Thorns & Roses EP

I can’t say I know much about country or roots music, but Thorns & Roses, the new EP from The Badlands sounds pretty damn good to me. Led by powerful vocalist Sara Jean Worrell, the acoustic four-piece creates rustic country-folk songs that sound like they were made during the Dust Bowl. Despite their old-fashioned sound, “Showdown” gets me more pumped up for a night on the town than any club hit.

Zachg – “Molecule to Galaxy”

Going “0 to 100” is too basic for Florida-bred emcee/producer/writer/artist Zachg. Always thinking bigger, he turns the Drake hit into “Molecule to Galaxy” for a nearly three-minute assault on wack rappers, even flipping a little Spanish and referencing Crocodile Dundee. When he sent over the track, he prefaced it with the following message: “Language is lots of bad words and some graphic sexual stuff.” So, listen at your own risk.

Montage – “Naomi”

This one’s a little older, but rapper-singer tag team Montage shared it on their Facebook page a few days ago so I’m running with it. The buttery beat made me nod my head instantly and Sean Rose’s flow is on-point, but singer Falcon steals the show when she begins belting on the latter half of the track.

The Forget Me Nows – No Touching

Local pop-punk band The Forget Me Nows just dropped their debut album, No Touching, full of tongue-in-cheek humor. “Natas Evol I” is a little too playful to convince us that they’re actually devil worshippers, and “Monster Party” should get some spins with Halloween coming up. Stream the album on and watch an acoustic version of “Monster Party” below, also via Punks.

Dizzy Wright – Tim Westwood TV Freestyle

It may not be a true “freestyle,” but Dizzy still delivers. Rather than rhyming aimlessly, he takes his time on English DJ Tim Westwood’s radio show/YouTube channel to further his humble, everyman image, recounting his mistakes and rapping, Money good, but it makes me feel detached. Make sure to catch him at Life Is Beautiful this weekend. If you’re still not up him, read Vegas Rated‘s profile of the Vegas emcee.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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