Halloween vs. Nevada Day

A Tale of the (Ticker) Tape

The last day of October is a double holiday in our state: not only Halloween, but Nevada Day, a celebration of the day 150 years ago that we were (probably reluctantly) admitted to the Union. But October 31 has shaken out a bit differently this year. For one, since it falls on a Friday, we’re actually celebrating Nevada Day on the 31st (rather than observing it on a surrounding date that best makes for a three-day weekend). But Las Vegas is also hosting its first Nevada Day Parade—meaning Downtown will be home to not one, but two, festive processions in less than 12 hours.


Halloween Parade Nevada Day Parade
To honor a holiday that used to be for kids to eat candy and is now mostly for adults to wear unattractive “sexy” costumes. And get drunk. REASON To honor the 150th anniversary of Nevada getting invited past the velvet ropes and into Club United States.
Fremont Street between 13th and Seventh streets—less than half a mile. Ten minutes in, there will probably be more people waiting at the beginning and end than actually parading. ROUTE Fourth Street between Gass and Ogden avenues—about two-thirds of a mile. Far enough to give the sedentary a workout, but not so far that floats will be denuded of crepe paper by the finish line.
7 p.m. Plenty of time to front-load cocktails while making final adjustments to your Sexy Lobster ensemble or muscle-padded Captain America costume. TIME 10 a.m. Wait, you thought you got to sleep in today? Uh, no. Wake up and celebrate your state’s heritage … or are you the type who pronounces it “Nev-ah-duh”?
Zombies, showgirls, robots, drag queens (professional and amateur), couples dressed as Franzia wine in a box, toddlers in Elvis jumpsuits—basically anyone who can stand upright and smear on some Dia de los Muertos makeup by 6:59 p.m. WHAT YOU’LL SEE Floats, balloons, vehicles and marching bands, plus an assortment of politicians and beauty queens.
“The Las Vegas Halloween Parade prides itself on creating a festive atmosphere focused on creativity and positive expression.” Yes, we’re looking at you, Miss Sexy Lobster. OFFICIAL RULES FOR ENTRANTS “All equestrian units or other units with live animals must provide their own cleanup crew. The crews must pick up droppings in the staging area as well as on the parade route. THIS IS A MUST!”
In Palmyra, N.J. and Vandalia, Ill.; Dublin and Vancouver; New York City and Hollywood … pretty much everywhere. YOU’LL ALSO FIND THIS PARADE … In Carson City, Virginia City, Elko…um, that’s it.

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