Spooky (but Healthy!) Drinks

BEE-Positive_with labels

Bee Positive, The Juice Standard

Made with activated charcoal, lemon and filtered water, this cold-pressed juice is reminiscent of lemonade—just close your eyes. The flavorless suspended charcoal absorbs toxins from your system, potentially warding off hangovers. Consume after the costume party (before bed; we recommend no more than half a bottle, and use a straw!) and you might look less like a zombie in the morning. $12 per bottle, 4555 S. Fort Apache Rd., 702-476-9800, JuiceStandard.com.

BLK Water, Whole Foods

Surely this is how Satan hydrates, for he cannot be seen with just any clear, pansy mineral water. The black color comes from a mixture of pure water and fulvic minerals, which are prehistoric plant minerals mixed with fulvic acid. BLK helps balance your body’s pH levels after eating a whole pillowcase worth of candy. $2.19 per bottle, 7250 W. Lake Mead Blvd., 702-942-1500, GetBLK.com.

Chunho’s Black Garlic 100 Juice

Ward off vampires while keeping your own cells young. When white garlic is aged in a humid environment at high temperatures it turns black, dialing down the pungent flavor and dialing up the sweetness to something akin to a prune. The antioxidant rich juice can also help lower cholesterol. Now you can leave that bulky crucifix at home. $150 for 60 packs, order on Amazon or at 888-970-1005, Chunho.co.kr.

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