Euroz Delves Into His “Subconscious,” Happy Campers Make a Slasher Flick

The weather might be getting cooler, but Vegas artists are still bringing the heat. Scroll down to see the latest videos from rapper Ekoh, punk band Happy Campers and emcee Euroz, along with a stream/download of new hip-hop/R&B outfit The Risk.

Ekoh – “Paint” ft. Josh Rabenold

Rapper Ekoh, who performed last weekend at Life Is Beautiful, dropped the visuals for “Paint” a couple weeks ago. Branded “heart-hop,” the genre-bridging emcee isn’t afraid to tackle his demons or address real issues in his music. The song, about putting up fronts and hiding pain, features lush production that sounds somber and triumphant all at once, with Avalon Landing singer Josh Rabenold delivering the powerful chorus. The video is equally compelling. Shot Downtown, the video starts with Ekoh spraypainting a wall before he gets his paint stolen. He chases after the culprit and eventually finds himself stuck in a painting.

Happy Campers – “Bleeding Me Dry” (Shakespearean Ending) 

Vegas punk staples Happy Campers dropped their video for “Bleeding Me Dry” off their latest album, Dancing With Demons. Released Oct. 30, it features the quartet dressed as your favorite horror movie villains. They appear to be attacking a helpless woman in the woods, but wait for the funny/fucked up twist at the end. According to the YouTube description, it’s one of four videos shot for the song. I wonder what they’ll come up with for the others.

Euroz – “Subconscious” 

When I interviewed Dizzy Wright a while back, I asked him what other Vegas rappers I should check for. He only mentioned one: Euroz. One listen to Euroz’s Memories of the Future and it was clear why he got the endorsement. It’s a deeply introspective record void of mainstream gimmickry, and a big progression from his mixtape offerings. While there’s nothing special about the recently-released video for “Subconscious”—just a dude walking down cold, dark streets with his shirt off—the song is the perfect introduction to the artist. Staying hungry, he also dropped a teaser of a new track over the weekend in a video clip titled “The Lab.”

The Risk – 4 Play Checkmate 

Vegas producer Rikio, who made some of my favorite beats on Dizzy Wright’s The Golden Age, has teamed up with local singer/rapper Pyramid Ron to form The Risk. Their 10-track freebie 4 Play Checkmate features clean, key-heavy production from Rikio and rappy singing from Ron. The project hints at the potential of both artists, with “Aphrodisiac” and “We Deserve” the standout tracks. Give it a spin below and download for free.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the Internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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