Hot Since 82 Takes on the Town with Debut at Life’s Underground Sundays


Daley Padley, better known as Hot Since 82, will make his Las Vegas debut November 9 at Life Nightclub’s Underground Sundays. The U.K.-based DJ is known to put on groovy house sets with a deeper vibe featuring music from his label, Knee Deep in Sound. Padley has also created parties to match his underground style. To coincide with his Knee Deep in Sound mix album release on November 17, he plans to invite a handful of guests to a live-streamed house party he’s calling Knee Deep at Home. Don’t despair if you miss Padley’s living-room party: He also schedules kidnappings of his fans. That’s right. During Padley’s rave series, Taken, which premiered in London in August, he transports blindfolded ravers to an undisclosed venue in their city for fresh thrills and deep sounds. That’s commitment.


Where do you find your music?

I always like to do my own record shopping. I come from going to the record store and buying all vinyl. You’d remember each record from the colorful sleeve. I have that same type of mentality with shopping on Beatport. I actually want to go out and buy everything myself because it registers more. So much music is disposable now. I get 200-300 emails a day of just promo [tracks]. It’s very hard and time consuming to get through them all, so I like to shop.

What are your pre- and post-set routines?

If you had asked me last year, I would have said, “Hook up with some friends, go out in the city, have some dinner and casual drinks.” Then afterward I would almost 99 percent have told you that I’d go to an after-party and die. [Laughs]. But this year, I’ve been chilling out a little bit more. I’ve been going back to the hotel, and a couple of hours later I’m flying to the next destination.

Who are you inviting to your upcoming house party, Knee Deep at Home?

We’re gonna run a nice competition and have some random fans come to my house and get down with me and the boys. It’s going to be a very intimate thing. I’m not sure how many people are gonna get a chance to come to the show, but it’s gonna be at my house or in my best friend’s living room. And we’re gonna stream it live worldwide. Wanna come?

Yeah, I do! Or maybe I’ll just wait to be kidnapped as part of the Taken series.

Were you quite frightened when you watched the video? It’s quite scary.

No, it seemed like fun! Tell me about it. 

It’s a little project we’ve got going on, as well. I just wanted to turn the old club night on its head, so to speak. We were like, “Let’s do something like in the old-school days of England, where you’d go to an illegal rave somewhere and you’d only find out where the rave was a few hours before.” We’ve taken that inspiration and implemented it into Taken.

The first one in London looked awesome. Where else are you bringing Taken?

We have some lined up in New York, Berlin and Ibiza. The reaction has been amazing. It’s just about working with really good promoters who know the city really well and know these weird, abstract venues or warehouses where nobody’s ever been. That’s quite exciting for me.

Maybe Las Vegas will eventually end up on that list. You’ll make your turntable debut here this month, but have you ever visited as a tourist?

I’ve never actually been to Vegas! I’m the only one among all of my friends that hasn’t been yet. I’m curious. Super curious.

Do you have big plans for your time here outside of the booth?

We’re gonna drive down from L.A., me and my manager. I’ll have a little look around and get a little gamble on. I’d love to see the Grand Canyon.

Gonna fit any partying into that itinerary?

I’m out [in the U.S.] for three whole weeks. Vegas is one of the shows where I’m gonna let my hair down and rave up a little bit. It’s gonna be a special one for me and I expect to put a good performance on.

What’s your drink of choice?

I’ve been a very keen whiskey drinker—maybe a Scotch or bourbon. But I’ve been trying to chill out a little bit. This is how I see it: The more clear the liquor, the less [severe] the hangover. So I’m drinking Grey Goose with soda water and fresh lime.

And how’s that working out for you?

The hangovers are just exactly the same, there’s no difference. I might as well go back to whiskey.

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