The Adicts Give Vegas One Hell of a ‘Horror Show’

Hard Rock Live, Nov. 2

Photo by Glenn Brogan

Photo by Glenn Brogan

Halloween had already passed, but that didn’t stop English punk band the Adicts from dressing up in their signature black-and-white “droog” costumes and continuing the festivities. “I know you are all barely getting over the Halloween hangovers,” singer Keith “Monkey” Warren said. “Well, so are we.”

Warren—appearing as a mix between a droog, a pimp and a healthier Iggy Pop—led the band in a night that was equal parts performance and theater, while parading through “Chinese Takeaway,” “Horror Show” and “Steamroller.” He used what seemed like an endless amount of confetti and enough props to match any magic show on the Strip. He fired confetti cannons, broke a paper tambourine and, despite changing outfits twice, gave almost everything he wore to the audience. Lead guitarist Pete “Dee” Davidson shared the microphone with him during the crowd favorite “You’ll Never Walk Alone”—ending the band’s 24-song set on a note of friendship and camaraderie. ★★★★✩

Photos by Glenn Brogan

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