White Truffles Are Your New Favorite Things, Plus Baby’s Burgers Are Badass

Photo by Raine Bascos

Photo by Raine Bascos

Oprah Winfrey has too much money. She now brings her own white truffles (that she’s hunted herself, of course) to restaurants just in case the truffles there are not up to par, as she recently demonstrated in Florida. (Oprah also, by the way, had them shaved over a Kobe burger. What’s next? $100 bills standing in for lettuce?). But well before the fragrant fungus was ever one of Oprah’s favorite things, Guy Savoy marked the few months when they’re available as his favorite season.

The Caesars Palace restaurant (702-731-7110) has its own stash of Italian white truffles that even Oprah might covet. You can opt for the six-course truffle-ful prix-fixe menu ($420), where white-gloved servers and chefs shave the pricey tuber tableside over already decadent dishes. They’re making it snow over items such as scallops served two ways: carpaccio with cauliflower mousse in a vegetable crust, and roasted in the shell; and creamy Parmesan risotto. If six courses seem like too much truffle (never!), you can opt for several items a la carte without breaking the bank. And Oprah can leave hers at home—Guy Savoy’s pass muster.

Occasionally, when you’re not craving truffles, have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I could go for a badass burger today? And have it handed to me by a good-looking lady from a truck?” The power of intention works, my friend, as Baby’s Badass Burgers have landed in Las Vegas. Originally based in Los Angeles, this is the fifth food truck for the franchise and the first in town. As is standard for locating food trucks these days, you can follow them on Twitter @BabysBBSLV to track down lunch and dinner, as they plan on hitting everywhere from corporate parks to festivals to apartment complexes.

The made-to-order burgers are served by one of the “babes” on board the truck, and they’re not shy with their offerings. The Original Beauty makes you swoon with Swiss cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms and Baby’s special sauce, while spice addicts get their fix with the Hot Mama, a burger with cream cheese-stuffed jalapeño poppers, all served “maneater” style on soft, sweet, King’s Hawaiian buns. The girls on the truck—a.k.a. the Pink Ladies—can also guide you to other signatures, such the Bombshell, a half-pound burger sandwiched between two bacon grilled cheese melts.

Watch out, boy, she’ll chew you up.


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