Thanksgiving is Coming. Think of the Vegans. And the Carnivores. And More Truffles.

Vegan ricotta gnocchi at Panevino

Vegan ricotta gnocchi at Panevino

While everyone else is starting to think about turkey and ham and all the dairy-laden goodness that comes with Thanksgiving, don’t forget it’s also World Vegan Month (that’s vegan as in the dietary habit, not the local). Panevino (246 Via Antonio Ave., 702-222-2400) has had the herbivores in mind for quite some time, with a menu that features organic “meatloaf” and grilled vegetable lasagna, as well as its signature spinach and soy-based ricotta gnocchi that don’t make omnivores miss meat. This month, if you order a plant-based entrée, they’ll throw in a vegan dessert gratis, such as the creamy chocolate gelato with warm almond milk or the chocolate pudding, which not only happens to be animal free, but fat free as well.

Should the carnivores out there need the real thing, and need it raw, Bazaar Meat (in SLS, 702-761-7610) has a selection of carpaccio to feed the beast. And they’re even served wrapped around a stick. Sure, it’s a breadstick, but the combination of tender, paper-thin bison or Washugyu beef and the crunchy delivery method of Parmesan grissini are a great textural contrast. Dip it into the caramelized onion puree for so much umami in one bite. If you prefer your raw meat with less crunch and more bite, the classic tartare gets some help with a couple of worldly condiments. Chopped sirloin gets mixed with spicy French Savora mustard, English HP Sauce, an egg yolk and anchovy. And a half-dozen soft, warm, mini-Parker House rolls accompanies the mixture for DIY sliders.

I know I mentioned truffles last week, but the season is short! Delmonico Steakhouse (in the Venetian, 702-414-3737) is running specials November 10-16 sporting both black and white varieties of the tuber. You can go simple, such as the starter of angel-hair pasta, Vermont butter and local chives, which gets a shaving of the white, or super French, as in the escargot, which gets kissed with the black truffles and served over mushroom toast with garlic herb butter. Feeling rich? There’s also Maine lobster with risotto adorned with white truffle to make you feel like two million bucks. And for dessert—you guessed it!—white-truffle ice cream. It might be possible to actually have the fragrance of the sought-after fungus emanating from your pores by the end of the meal—a very First World problem.

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