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    Low Down Shows a Genius and a Heroin Addict, From His Daughter’s Point of View

    By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

    "Low Down" is small, with virtually no marketing behind it. It’s also very good. Hawkes breaks your heart as a man struggling with addiction and disappointment.

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    Christopher Nolan Expands the Final Frontier and Blows Our Minds in Interstellar

    By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

    A knockout one minute, a punch-drunk crazy film the next, Interstellar is a highly stimulating mess. Emotionally it’s also a mess, and that’s what makes it worth its 165 minutes.

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    KISS Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll (Some of) the Nite

    By Matt Jacob

    Not that one should expect a three-hour extravaganza, what with 50 percent of the band old enough to collect Social Security. But when you’ve got a catalog of more than two dozen albums and you’re saying your initial goodnight after 13 songs, that doesn’t exactly qualify as a full night’s work.

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    She’s Worthy of the Hammer

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Another movie based on a comic book. Yawn, right? However, the latest film news from Marvel and D.C. film have provoked wide-eyed interest: Both comic giants recently announced projects featuring a female superhero as the central character.

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    Cody Doolin’s Nine Assists in GIF Form

    By Wendoh Media

    Cody Doolin didn’t hit a single field goal on Wednesday against Florida National, but he was still undoubtedly one of the stars of the game for the Rebels. The senior point guard tallied just two points, but he ran the offense impeccably and racked up nine assists on the night against just one turnover. Read […]

  • The Anatomy of the Final Table

    By Jason Scavone

    When the World Series of Poker’s Main Event resumes next week, nine finalists will vye for a garish bracelet, life-changing cash and poker immortality. But first they must battle their nerves and the unknown. Here’s what the November Nine can expect.