Mythbusters: Patrón  

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Think you know everything about Vegas’ bottle-service darling? Davin Homan, Patrón’s Nevada area manager, wants you to think again.

Patrón is not tequila. – False

To be called “tequila,” a spirit has to be made from 51 percent Weber blue agave grown in one of Mexico’s five tequila-making regions. To bear the name “100 percent blue agave,” it of course has to come from 100 percent Weber blue agave. Only blue agaves from the Jalisco highlands—the Napa Valley of Mexico, if you will—go into Patrón.

Patrón is made in Las Vegas. – False

Tequila labled “100 percent blue agave” must be produced, distilled and bottled on site in Mexico. Patrón is bottled at La Hacienda de Patrón distillery in the small town of Atotonilco el Alto. When agaves come in from the fields, they are quartered and steamed at a low temperature for 79 hours in 20,000-ton capacity adobe brick ovens. However, Patrón’s U.S. headquarters are in Las Vegas!

Patrón is made at a distillery that makes other tequilas. – False

While many tequila distilleries produce multiple brands, La Hacienda de Patrón only produces Patrón. Although master distiller Francisco Alcaraz created Patrón in 1989 at the Siete Leguas distillery, when La Hacienda was built in 2002, Patrón moved production there; its exclusive distillery number, 1492, can be found on every bottle.

Patrón is an industrial spirit. – False

As was done in Patrón’s infancy, it’s still made using the tahona process, still fermented in 5,000-liter pinewood vats and distilled in copper-pot stills. As the company has grown, Patrón has added more tahona pits and more fermentation tanks. “It’s small batch on a large scale,” Homan says. “People see Patrón as this massive brand, but we have less than 200 people in the company, plus the 1,100 people in Mexico making and bottling the product. It’s a big brand, but a small company.” That said, Patrón is also forward thinking, using a reverse osmosis system to handle waste pulp and water, both huge problems for Mexico. Patrón salvages 70 percent of its wastewater. Spent pulp fibers are composted, watered with reclaimed water and used to fertilize an organic garden, which yields a bag of groceries per week for each family employed at La Hacienda.

Patrón was founded by Paul Mitchell. – False

With just $700, John Paul DeJoria cofounded John Paul Mitchell Hair Systems in 1980 with hairstylist Paul Mitchell while DeJoria was living out of his car. In 1989, DeJoria, by then a successful businessman and philanthropist, launched Patrón with the late Martin Crowley. DeJoria is still the owner.

DeJoria has a race car-driving daughter. – True

Pro drag racer and the quickest female in NHRA Funny Car history, Alexis DeJoria was recently in Las Vegas promoting breast cancer awareness. Her ride? The Patrón XO Café Toyota Camry, of course!

Patrón has a secret society. – True

Well, the secret’s out! The Patrón Social Club gives members access to private events, dinners and contests. Sign up at Patró


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