Hook N Sling Gains Momentum

The Light resident returns to Las Vegas with two new releases and a world tour under his belt

Photo by Joe Torrance

Photo by Joe Torrance

A recent journey around the world has afforded Hook N Sling [a.k.a. Anthony Maniscalco] some one-of-a-kind experiences (and his new tracks some interesting backstories). His love for all kinds of food and sneaker shopping kept him entertained while visiting foreign lands, but he says he always likes to come back to Las Vegas to hang out with the Cirque performers at his resident nightclub, Light. The other thunder from down under, Maniscalco recently took a moment to chat about life on the road before he brings his Aussie flavor back to Light on November 22.

What’s the story behind your new single, “Momentum?”

That song was lying around in pieces on my computer for about 6-8 months. I wrote one piece, and then I wrote another piece. I kinda jumble together songs sometimes. It came together when I was just mixing and matching little parts of songs that I’ve written. And it started working really well together. That beat with those chords, you know what I mean? But I wrote them separately.

 You just released the original mix of “Tokyo by Night.” Didn’t the remix come out first?

The Axwell remix came out first. We let the Axwell mix do its thing. A lot of people were playing it, and I wanted to show people where his mix came from.

 Why did you guys release a remix before the original?

He just wanted to put his own flavor on it. I don’t think he was too concerned with the original. He just wanted to take it and make his version. We always wanted to put the original out. I just wanted to wait a little bit.

 What’s the best part about touring with your music?

Eating at lots of cool places! 

hook_n_sling_no_credit_01_WEBThen where’s your favorite spot to tour … and eat?

I just came back from Asia, actually. I had Korean barbecue in Korea, which was one of the most amazing meals I’ve had in a long time. Apparently, they grade Korean beef differently there than anywhere else in the world, and they save all the good stuff for themselves.

What else do you do in your free time when you’re in a foreign place?

I spent a week in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago, and I went sneaker shopping. There are a lot of good clothing stores in Tokyo.

Pick up anything good?

I actually bought these Balenciagas. I got them in Hong Kong. I like my Nikes, Adidas and Common Projects, as well.

What about Las Vegas? What’s distinctive about a gig here?

The quality of the venues and the effort that gets put into the shows. There is so much competition here. There’s an extremely high standard of production, sound and lighting. Sometimes when I’m DJing, I get distracted by the show that’s going on around me. I look around at the Cirque du Soleil astronauts—last time I was here, there was one floating above my head!

So, do you party a lot?

Sometimes. If there are friends of mine in town, my arm is easily twisted. Crazy stuff happens—it’s Vegas!

What’s your craziest Las Vegas story?

[Laughing.] This won’t get printed if  I tell you that …

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