Jeezy Shows Us Why He’s No Longer “Young”

Hard Rock Live, Nov. 30

Photo by Glenn Brogan

Photo by Glenn Brogan

The 37-year-old Atlanta rapper has officially graduated from the name Young Jeezy. During “Trap Star” and “I Luv It,” Jeezy rapped his well-known verses a capella—giving fans the chance to rap along and allowing his lyrical prowess to shine. He danced and held out the microphone to the sold-out crowd who rapped along. The veteran trap rapper managed to fit 30 songs in his hour performance—pausing only to adjust his baseball cap and provide fans with a little ‘thug motivation’ between songs. “If you can dream it, you can do it. The sky’s the motherfuckin’ limit,” Jeezy said. Near the end of his set, he treated fans to a medley of his features, which included “Act Right” and “My Nigga,” and he stood on the stage monitors and rallied the audience to his anthems.★★★★✩