A Most Epic Photobomb

kiss_app_pic_on_iphoneKISS is easing its way, like Journey, into my Rockholm Syndrome catalog of bands-I-hated-but-now-will-rock-to-on-the-radio. Since I never deigned to plaster my bedroom with KISS posters, the new “KISS ME! Official Photo App” for iPhones allows me to belatedly buy in to the recent KISS resurgence (Android and iPad users will have to wait till next year). Now I can make up for lost time by painting my digital face like Paul, Gene, Ace or Tommy, or pin on Gene’s disturbing cunnilingual freak show. With this free app (with ample options for in-app purchases), you can send a “KISSified” meet-up text to your friends, then use it to juice up a “groupie” shot of you and your pals playing KISS mini golf. Thank God that just because the KISS Hard Rock residency is over it doesn’t mean you have to put your tongue back in your mouth.

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