Tyler, the Creator’s Rowdy Performance Hits the Strip

Hard Rock Live, Dec. 5


Tyler, the Creator | Photo by Alexander Zayas

Tyler, the Creator brought the intensity and rowdiness of a punk rock show to a sold-out audience of hip-hop heads. Fellow Odd Future members Jasper Dolphin and Taco Bennett joined the 23-year-old emcee in his first non-club Las Vegas performance, which consisted of the controversial raps and toilet humor that propelled the group to stardom.

Tyler abandoned his signature raspy voice and yelled most of his lyrics. In response, the audience formed mosh pits and crowd surfed to the vulgarities of “Yonkers” and “French.” Tyler rushed through slower songs “She” and “IFHY,” which were overshadowed by the ruckus of “Cowboy” and “Domo 23.” At one point, fans threw tampons onstage, and Tyler threw them at Jasper, causing a scuffle. “Tampons? That’s fucking gross, but thanks, guys. I appreciate them,” Tyler said. The rapper ended his 22-song set with the rambunctious “Tamale,” which kept the crowd jumping and the floor shaking. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Alexander Zayas

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