Suicidal Tendencies Were “Cyco,” but Stellar

Hard Rock Live, Dec. 13


Photo by Alexander Zayas

This show had all the makings of a major sporting event. The California crossover thrash legends sported their band’s signature T-shirts and blue bandannas, which many in attendance mimicked. They encouraged fans to chant “S! T!” and displayed the athleticism of a college football team. The band constantly jousted at each other—spinning to narrowly avoid collisions while performing “Trip at the Brain” and “Possessed to Skate.” Lead guitarist Dean Pleasants only kept still while performing the blazing fast solos of “Cyco Vision” and “How I Will Laugh Tomorrow.” Drummer Eric Moore was the emcee, and he provided the gallows humor by relating police brutality protests with song names. “All this hatred … this police brutality … it’s causing a ‘War Inside My Head!’” The band asked fans to storm the stage during ender “Institutionalized,” and audience members hopped over the barricade to share microphones with the band. ★★★★✩

Photos by Alexander Zayas

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