Brothel Sheri’s Ranch Gives Back with Holiday Toy Drive

Photo courtesy of Sheri’s Ranch

Photo courtesy of Sheri’s Ranch

When it comes to the most unlikely places to hold a holiday toy drive, a brothel would probably be near—if not at—the top of the list. Yet each year, guests and employees at Sheri’s Ranch do their part to help brighten the season for Pahrump’s less fortunate kids by collecting gifts for Toys for Tots. We caught up with Destini, a courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch, during the Nye County brothel’s annual Christmas party December 13.

What are the holidays like at Sheri’s Ranch?
They’re fun. Sheri’s always does holiday events for a good cause, and every Christmas we do a party for Toys for Tots. The girls purchase toys and bring them in, and our customers send them in. [Eventually], the tree is completely packed. It’s great, because they keep [the toys] in Pahrump. It’s important to us, because if we give back to the community, then they’ll accept us. If you don’t care about your community, why would they care about you? That’s kind of where I come from as a human being.

Do a lot of people give brothel services as a holiday gift? Can you buy gift certificates?
I’ve seen a stepmother give our services as a gift to her stepson. People want to help their family and friends open their minds to what’s going on here. … We’ve just launched a brothel vacation package. We have one for $2,100, and you get a free night’s stay in the hotel, a voucher for $2,000 toward your party, a complimentary meal, as well as an open bar. … You’re definitely guaranteed a decent party that can blow your mind and give you a sample of what Sheri’s has to offer.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in your stocking?
To be honest, when I was 18, my sister gave me my first vibrator. It looked like lipstick, and I had to dig through all kinds of candy to get to it. But when I found it, we were best friends.