A Dearth of New Year’s Eve Options

peeve_of_the_week_emoji_WEB-01All the usual New Year’s Eve complaints are justified and well-worn: It’s strictly for twice-a-year drinkers; you can’t get a cab; it never lives up to the hype, etc. But how about the fact that your choice of venues comes down to dealing with the total shitshows on the Strip and Fremont Street, or going to one of your favorite haunts that’s crickets-chirping empty because everyone else is at one of those shitshows? The perfect New Year’s Eve should have 20 to 40 percent more people than normal at your favorite bar, a well-dressed crowd that can handle their booze for a reasonable period of time, and a well-earned slur-off between you and whoever’s left upright come 3 a.m. Short of that, what’s the alternative? House parties? And run the risk of the Champagne running dry by 12:15? We’re not barbarians, you know.