Mob Museum Annexed by Boardwalk Empire

nucky_thompson_suit_2_clippingSure, all that true-life Mafia history is great, you said to yourself after spending hours wandering the Mob Museum, “But what about The Sopranos?” The last stop on the tour before you hit the gift shop is the Museum’s tribute to gangster flicks—complete with a little screening area. This year, they’re adding new exhibits, because it can’t just be all Casino all the time. (OK, it could totally be all Casino all the time.)

Two of the new ones come from the world of Boardwalk Empire and are, uh, about as spoilery as they can be. Don’t keep reading this and don’t go to the Mob Museum until you’ve caught up on the HBO drama that was one of the best things on television despite a spate of complaints from the same critics who insisted True Detective was more than freshman-level philosophizing wrapped up in a sub-Lovecraftian murder-mystery.

To the point, though, they’re adding the suit Steve Buscemi had on when Nucky Thompson got shot in the finale and totally ruined your night because you were convinced he and Margaret were going to retire to Manhattan where they’d go quasi-legit and live the Joe Kennedy life of insider stock trading. Also, from the real world, they have the Nucky Johnson Culinary Trophy. Buscemi’s real-life counterpart handed out the silver cup to Omer Bondoux of the Breakers Hotel in Atlantic City in a 1925 culinary contest.

Finally, they’ll have a track suit that Tony Sirico wore in The Sopranos’ Season 6, Episode 4, where Paulie Walnuts finds out his real mother is a nun. Can’t wait until they can add Sirico’s hair to the collection.

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