Trifecta’s Last Show


Sergio Kiss

As a rigger for Mystère, Sergio Kiss views the world from a unique perspective: When everybody else is looking up, he’s looking down. His different way of seeing has helped Kiss create some pretty awesome art. Even more awesome is the fact that this self-taught artist only took up the paintbrush three years ago, inspired by Parade: The Collective, the annual exhibition of art by Cirque du Soleil employees at Trifecta Gallery.

“It’s one of the highlights of the goodness that we’ve done, of what an art gallery can do,” says gallerist Marty Walsh, who successfully fought to protect the program from Cirque budget cuts. She explains that even people who work in creative fields can fall into a workaday rut, but that having a studio practice and a goal to meet enhances your personal well-being, makes you more fulfilled. “[Parade] has changed a lot of people’s lives.”

Running January 1-30, the 10th annual exhibit will feature 30 artists, including Kiss and popular Las Vegas artist/production coordinator for Michael Jackson One, Brent Sommerhauser. But the show is special for another reason: It’s the last one at Trifecta. In fact, it’s the very last show at Trifecta Gallery, period. Instead of ending with a solo show, Walsh wanted to continue the collaboration, “We’re going out with a larger voice that includes more people.” It’s the Trifecta way.

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