Casino Dreams Come True for Vegas Emcees

Plus: Keepsake delivers a hardcore beatdown and Ekoh does right by his fans

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: more than 40 emcees step to the mic for the Casino Dreams compilation, Ekoh keeps his promise and Keepsake gives us a hardcore beatdown.

Ekoh – “This Is Not a Robbery” [Video]

As he promised he would if he hit his Kickstarter goal, rapper Ekoh delivered an epic music video with “This Is Not a Robbery,” which dropped today along with the iTunes single. Directed expertly by Jake Stark, the video was shot in two days with Ekoh and the small cast performing their own stunts—including the one-take feat at the end. Fight scenes, chases, blood and aerial drone cinematography—the video’s got it all. You’ll have to watch it at least twice, though, because you’ll be too focused on the action the first time to listen to the song, which is powerful in its own right.


Casino Dreams Compilation [Download]

Casino Dreams is one hell of an introduction to Vegas hip-hop: 17 tracks, more than 40 different artists and eight producers. Recorded at Camel Hump Studios, the compilation gives us a snapshot of the Vegas hustle off the Strip (and on the other side of the tracks). Most of the song titles speak for themselves—”Drugs,” “Gangland,” “I Like Yo Bitch”—but even if your musical taste is more Macklemore than Mac Dre, you should still give this a listen because some of these dudes can rap their asses off and the production is top notch. Opening track “Jackpot” sets the bar high with the bouncy R.E.V.E.R.S.-produced banger and a team of fierce spitters led by Kaine Sosa. “Casino Dreams” and “Da Family” carry equal weight, with trunk-ready production via TIKI and TzMac, respectively.


Keepsake – Wanderer EP [Stream]

On the other end of the musical spectrum, hardcore band Keepsake dropped their Wanderer EP earlier this month. Heavy, melodic and full of angst, the six-tracks hit you like a haymaker. Opener “False Start” will leave you wobbly with its hard riffs and piercing vocals. And the band doesn’t let up. By the time the last track, “Recovery,” comes around, you’ll be down for the count.

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