Jennifer Tramaglino

Hospitality & Entertainment Consultant, Urban PALM
Photo by Jim K. Decker

Photo by Jim K. Decker

When it comes to nightlife, “Jenn T” saw it all as Light Group’s chief of staff for more than a decade. In 2015 however, she added to her résumé by pursuing other endeavors including hospitality/entertainment consulting and launching the “assistant’s assistant” app, Urban PALM.

Best Nightclub Element Designed With Women in Mind

Some may think what’s most appealing for women is going to be a décor element or maybe really good lighting. For me, it’s a summertime staple: shirtless Diplo onstage at Surrender.

Ladies’ Choice for Favorite DJ

DJ Ikon’s open-format sets aren’t just the same old tracks you hear every night. As a respected music producer, he’s a master at reading a room and when the ladies report to the dance floor, he knows just what to mix next.

Best Line-to-Table Experience

Light door hosts know how to take care of the locals. You’ll always walk up and feel like you have a personal invite to the party.

Best Bathrooms

Have you seen the photos that come out of the “selfie zone” in the XS ladies’ room? Pure gold. It might have its own hashtag.

Best Amenity

Light’s bathroom attendant, Rosie, has been around since Light in Bellagio and always knows just what you need when you walk in. I swear, one time she had a backup pair of contacts in my prescription.

Best Ladies Anthem

“Beez in the Trap,” by Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz. Why? If you beez in the trap, then you already know.

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