Alex Cordova

Executive Vice President of Marketing, Hakkasan Group
Photo by Jim Decker

Photo by Jim Decker

Fresh out of high school in New York City, Alex Cordova began throwing parties in small clubs. Fast-forward 20 years, and he’s still at the forefront of the party landscape, although the scenery is a bit different now.

As the executive vice president of marketing for Hakkasan Group, Cordova oversees marketing efforts on behalf of all of the company’s U.S. venues, including Hakkasan, Omnia, 1 OAK, The Bank and soon Jewel. With so much on his plate, how does he do it? In a word: delegation.

“I would like to say I’m very hands-on in a lot of the departments, but because we’ve grown in such scale, I’ve had to learn to delegate a lot of responsibility and trust in my staff,” he says. “In the past year, I’ve really worked hard on that, and I’m very grateful to be able to work with such intelligent people. I’m able just to direct and not have to micromanage every aspect of every little detail in the venues, although I do like to try to get my hands dirty now and then.”

Cordova has no problem being on the front lines of the nightclub world. After all, that’s where it all started for him in Las Vegas, having moved here to promote clubs and eventually landing the management contracts for former venues Risqué and Tabu. Later, he would rise through the ranks to become an executive with Pure Management Group. Really, he’s cut his teeth in all aspects of nightlife, which is what has placed him at the helm of the Hakkasan Group nightlife team.

“We have a very sophisticated team in terms of executives. My counterparts and I will identify where we need to be and we’ll kind of split duties, and make sure there’s always oversight of our properties,” he says. “It’s just really important to us to have our staff see us everywhere. Sometimes it’s very challenging, but you know, we lead from the front. We make sure that they at least know that we care about them enough to be there.”

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