Colin Comer and John Pettei

Managing Partners, Play Management Group
Jon Pettei and Colin Comer. | Photo by Jim K. Decker

Jon Pettei and Colin Comer. | Photo by Jim K. Decker

On September 20, former Light Group executives Colin Comer and John Pettei took over Light Nightclub and Daylight Pool Club as managing partners, and it was not unlike a family reunion. “To be honest, you never know what a situation like that is going to be,” says Comer, who had been the venues’ VP of marketing. “I’m pretty comfortable in terms of talking to groups and things like that, [but] I got a little nervous walking in.”

Any fears were unfounded, however, as the staff broke into cheers upon seeing the faces of two of the men who helped open the venue in 2013, but left following a management change. The boisterous reception was, Pettei says, “a relief.”

“For me, it was a culmination,” says Pettei, formerly the GM of both clubs. “We had been sitting in the sidelines for two-plus months, just Colin and I, sitting in an office bouncing ideas off of each other, working, talking about want we want to do. So when we walked in, it was like, “OK! We are here. Let’s do it. This is real.”

Now at the helm of Light via their newly formed Play Management Group, the two longtime hospitality execs see Light and Daylight as their home.

“We also want to take a little bit more of a boutique, more-family-and-less-corporate approach to how we do things,” Comer says. “Sometimes when things get so big and so corporate, you lose a little bit of that personal touch. If there is anything that I would like to see our company do—and we do now and will do exceptionally—it is to make it about being fun. A big keyword for us is ‘family.’”

That tight-knit atmosphere can pay dividends. “A big thing we want to have as part of our management style is a participative feel,” Pettei says. “We believe that thinking collectively—involving everyone in at least the thought process, not making final decisions [ourselves]—is a benefit. Some of the greatest ideas come from people that sometimes are afraid to open their mouths. We have seen that already in a short time. It’s motivating, and it’s exciting for a lot of the players that we have here.”

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