Jason Strauss

Managing Partner, Tao Group
Photo by Elizabeth Buehring

Photo by Elizabeth Buehring

When Jason Strauss left New York City in 2005 to open Tao Las Vegas, he wasn’t sure how long he’d be staying. “I came out here to do the marketing and help with the construction and the staffing, and I ended up staying 10 years because the business was so explosive,” he says.

At the age of 31, Strauss was already a nightlife veteran. He and his business partner, Noah Tepperberg, had started promoting parties in high school and went on to work for Peter Gatien, who was once dubbed “The King of New York Clubs.” Strauss and Tepperberg eventually began curating events in other East Coast cities before taking ownership in several hospitality venues in the Big Apple. The duo did incredibly well in New York, just as they’ve done in Vegas.

“We came to Vegas with a lot of learning and the DNA of how we wanted to conduct business, how we wanted to execute exceptional hospitality—and we just implemented it,” Strauss says. “It was us sort of cutting our teeth and making a lot of mistakes in New York before coming out to Vegas that led us to our path of how we operate today.”

Now with the Tao, Marquee and Lavo brands thriving under the Tao Group umbrella, Strauss relies on his team of trusted employees.

“My partners and I, we’re in at least one of the venues once a week each,” he says, “but we have a really good infrastructure of directors and general managers that do most of the day-to-day business with our support, and we’ve always felt our job is to make the directors and the GMs successful. That’s our daily role, whether it’s through mentoring or support. That’s the role of the ownership and the partners. Our directors and GMs really execute the vision and the culture.”

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