Matt Minichino

Vice President of Nightlife & Entertainment, SLS Las Vegas
Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Matt Minichino is aware of the challenges ahead of him as he seeks to change the trajectory of SLS. The New York native is tasked with moving the property’s nightlife program in the right direction, and that, he says, is exactly what’s happened since he came aboard in March.

“We’re in the most competitive daylife and nightlife market in the world,” he says, “and we’re a stand-alone hotel at the end of the Strip. We have to have a diverse range of entertainment for the property in order to find our way.”

Over his 13-year career, Minichino has served among the top brass at Coyote Ugly and Pure Nightclub during the clubs’ heydays. As director of nightlife at Hard Rock Hotel, overseeing the Rehab pool party, he worked alongside and learned from some of the heaviest hitters in the market. “I’ve always been surrounded by or worked for really talented people,” he says. “It really makes a world of difference.”

For SLS, Minichino sees a bright future that works well, based on the employees and with the way he operates.

“The direction that SLS Las Vegas is going now is different than the direction it was trending when I got here. It was very short-sighted and one direction, very EDM heavy,” he says. “I come in with a strong point of view. Obviously, along with identifying what the property is and what it needs, I understand that we need to be very diverse in the entertainment that we offer.”

SLS is making a “huge commitment” to live entertainment, Minichino says. “We need to have an offering for everyone in Las Vegas from all age demographics, from 21-50. We can’t just focus on one genre of music and one demographic and [expect to] compete. We have to go after the other 85 percent, as well.”

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