Pauly Freedman

Executive Director, Surrender Nightclub & Encore Beach Club

Photo by Anthony Mair

In a former life, Pauly Freedman was a chef. For the past seven years, however, he and his team have been cooking up nightclub experiences at Wynn Resorts.

As the head of Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub, Freedman is the man the general managers report to, and by default, the man all 300 employees report to. It all works, he says, because of the company’s “open-door policy,” as well as the culture that’s been created.

“We believe in promoting from within, and we are very transparent,” he says. “Everyone has a voice; we lay the cards on the table and we just tell the [staff], ‘This is our expectation. There will not be any secrets.’”

Freedman, like many club operators, works long hours. He’s used to that, having been a nightlife promoter and consultant with 20-plus years of experience beginning with Utopia. His nightlife team reflects his work ethic.

“They are committed to the job. We love our job. We are all well compensated for our job, and so there is a lot of pride in it,” he says. “We recognize each other, we respect each other and we are a big family.”

Freedman says he’s a stickler for details, something he learned, no doubt, while attending UNLV’s College of Hotel Administration.

“We micromanage,” he says. “The staff sees it. And what they don’t see, we share with them so they understand what the level of commitment is from us. They have a voice; we listen to them.” Of course, no one is blind to the fact that the name “Wynn” is on the building.

“There is a certain expectation from Steve Wynn,” Freedman says. “You can build these beautiful places with all the bells and whistles, but if you don’t have the experience in the venue, then what do you really have?”

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