Yannick Mugnier and John Wood and Ronn Nicolli

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Yannick Mugnier

Senior Executive Director of Operations
XS Nightclub

John Wood

Senior Executive Director of VIP Services
XS Nightclub

Ronn Nicolli

Senior Executive Director of Marketing
XS Nightclub

From left: Yannick Mugnier, John Wood and Ronn Nicolli. | Photo by Anthony Mair

From left: Yannick Mugnier, John Wood and Ronn Nicolli. | Photo by Anthony Mair

When XS’s well-known leader, Jesse Waits, left the property in July, he left it with the three-headed management beast—Yannick Mugnier, John Wood and Ronn Nicolli. Not surprisingly, the transition has gone off without a hitch.

The members of the trio play off each other’s strengths, which is second nature considering they have been working together for eight years. Many of XS’ other employees have been there from the beginning—one of many factors that has propelled the club to high status ever since it opened its doors in 2008.

“I don’t know if the club has one personality,” Wood says. “The venue is timeless, we like to say. We have been open longer than a nightclub should be open in Las Vegas, and we are continuing to grow. It is a mesh of all of us and anybody who has worked here in the past.”

Several trade publications have ranked XS among the top nightclubs in America, so they are clearly doing a number of things right.

“We are hands-on, and that’s what leads to our success,” Mugnier says. “We all want to be here. We all want to be with the people, and we all want to make sure it is running to the standard that the hotel sets.” And despite their long history in nightlife—each has been at this for more than a decade—neither of the three has ever been the type to accept that the status quo is good enough.

“Each of us has had to learn new responsibilities and tasks moving forward. Yannick became almost like a doctor of production over here,” Nicolli says. “And then on John’s side, obviously motivating and educating the hosts to the new talent and things that we are bringing in, basically re-educating them on how to sell. When we first opened the doors, it was about selling a brand. And now it is about selling the DJ and the venue. It was a lot of hands-on work for everyone here to make sure that we acclimated to these changes and that we stay on top.”

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