Slicing Into The Pizzacat

Trying to find out who’s behind the bizarre Internet phenomenon


There are few words to describe what you feel after watching a Pizzacat video or seeing one of the fictional feline’s Instagram posts other than “Lol wut?!” or “Dafuq?”

For those who don’t delve into the absurd cavities of the Internet, Pizzacat is more ridiculous than you might imagine: a tabby cat with a slice of pizza around his head who smokes blunts, guzzles forties, raps and sings about pizza—there are animated remixes of Young Thug’s “Lifestyle” (reworked as “Pizza Lifestyle”), R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” (“I Believe I Can Pie”) and The Doors’ “People Are Strange” (“Pizza Is Strange”), among others. Pizzacat also spouts wisdoms such as “Maybe you should hustle as hard as you hate” while riding atop a flying turtle whose shell is made out of a taco. Trying to make sense of what you’ve just read is futile.

Pizzacat is the epitome of Internet weirdness—and he’s blowing up, scoring a mention on Epic Meal Empire and two nods on Vogue’s website. Curious, we reached out for an interview with Pizzacat’s creator Matthew Held, a graphic artist and co-owner of Vegas-based apparel company Official Genius. We were told that “Pizzacat prefers to answer his own questions” but that he’d be happy to chat after the mock interview. Because everything Pizzacat said was gold—or pizza, in his currency—we decided to share an excerpt:

 On Pizzacat’s early days:

We were straight trappin’ out the pizza spot. Rose up from the personal slice to pizza by the pound now. We really move that pizza off the docks.

On his rap career:

Pizzacat has added new lanes to the game! Single pawedly!

On his upcoming mixtape:

It’s more like a new chance at life for the listener than an album.

On 2015 plans:

We might have to turn up the flex so these weasels know we ain’t playing. But I have a lot of plans. They are very amazing and very pizza and they all involve cheese.

The actual interview with Held was only slightly more fruitful. According to Held, he “made it up and stuff” two years ago for shits and giggles, adding music videos and a mobile app to Pizzacat’s repertoire.

“It’s just stuff I like. I always made funny animals and funny raps and stuff,” says Held, who’s illustrated a mixtape for hip-hop artist Riff Raff and helped design the Basedmoji app with rapper Lil B. “People seem to like it.”

Pizzacat’s following is slowly growing. While the videos are hit-and-miss, some have racked more than 40,000 views. The Pizzacatapp, which allows users to create their own memes and photo-bombs, may or may not be doing well. “I don’t really check that stuff,” he says before declaring, “Easily 100,000 downloads, at least.” And the merchandise—t-shirts and hats made by Official Genius—can be spotted around town.

Perhaps the oddest indication of Pizzacat’s fledgling fame was the Pizzacatapp being named “5 Apps for Embellishing Your Instagram” by Vogue and being listed in their “2014 Was the Year of the Pizza” retrospective. Held says he’s even gotten the interest of a record label, though he can’t discuss the details, and that a TV show could be in Pizzacat’s future. (If anyone from Adult Swim is reading, can we please make this happen?)

There is no divine inspiration for Pizzacat. Or a purpose. Or an end goal. Pizzacat simply exists. And, for fans of the absurd, that’s the beauty of it.

“We just keep pushing, keep moving, keep getting pizza,” Held says.

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