A Delicate Revolution

The mason jar of yesteryear is today’s trendiest glassware

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

In bars, restaurants and at home, the glass jelly jar conveys everything from cocktails and beer to dips and desserts. But in the hands of artists and life-hackers, this honest, humble vessel becomes a statement about permanence and impermanence. We already love the Mason Shaker, a Brooklyn-designed shaker-strainer for the hipster set ($29, MasonShaker.com). But there’s a brave new—and breakable—world of mason jar accessories to take you from morning coffee to smoothie lunch and straight on to cocktail hour. Just hold on tight!

One Mercantile Mason Sipper

This tallboy holds your 24-ounce smoothie with ease. Also available in 16-ounce clear and blue; all come with a hand-blown Pyrex glass straw. $12-$16, under “Camp & Travel” at OneMercantile.com.

Holdster Mason Jar Travel Mug

Get a handle on your hot beverages with these leather mason jar holsters and koozies. $25-$35, HoldsterUSA.com.

Cuppow Jar Drinking Lids

Any regular or wide-mouth mason jar becomes an adult sippy cup with this plastic lid that secures under the jar band. $9, Cuppow.com.

The Mason Tap Stainless Steel Infuser Cap

Turn your regular-mouth jar into a handy, dispenser for herb-infused olive oil, bar syrups, coffee creamer… $20, Cuppow.com.

CoffeeSock Cold Brew Kit

If you can handle a Chia Pet, you can brew your own coffee—32 or 64 ounces at a time. $20-$25, Cuppow.com.


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