Black Camaro Peels Out, Love Hate Away Gets Stuck in Our Heads

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: Eclectic rockers Black Camaro return with a surprise release, Love Hate Away gets us hooked on their bouncy indie-pop, hip-hop artist Love At First Sound flexes his creative muscles, rap weirdo Zachg leaves Las Vegas and Marion Write takes on police brutality in his latest video.

Black Camaro – The Last Menagerie [Stream/Download]

I know I’m considered the rap dude at Vegas Seven, but I wish someone would have told me about Black Camaro sooner. I don’t even know how to describe their surprise Christmas release, The Last Menagerie. Experimental psych-rock? Even that’s too restrictive. “Bethesda Kolumbethra” is straightforward, revved-up rock ‘n’ roll, while “Convergence of the Twain” sounds like Americana from the heartland. While the sounds shift from each song, the record keeps a timeless—and effortless—feel. And it’s fucking excellent from start to finish. Even more, the album is available as a “name your own price” download, which means you could technically grab it for free, but this is art worth supporting. On top of that, their entire discography is available for free on their Bandcamp page. I’ve got a lot of downloading to do.


Love Hate Away – Love Hate Away EP [Stream]

Love Hate Away is another band that slipped passed me. They released their self-titled EP back in late November, but folks are just now starting to catch on to their infectious, retro indie-pop. Their latest single “Temporary Love” has started making its rounds on X107.5. While knowing nothing about the band’s age, I’ll say that they sound older than they look. Singer Christiana Chavez packs her vocals with old soul, while the band draws on ’50s and ’60s pop rock, whether intentional or not. Stream it below (note: the first five songs are from the EP) or find them on Spotify.


Love At First Sound – “Nothing’s Changed” [Download]

I told y’all to watch out for Love At First Sound. The rapper/singer/producer has leaked a couple songs from AUDRA, his soon-coming debut project—one of my most-anticipated of 2015. “Nothing’s Changed” sees him straying further from hip-hop convention. A majority of the track is him singing over a drowsy, stripped-down beat. It’s simple and repetitive on purpose, capturing his lovelorn tone. After a voice message from the girl who I’m assuming inspired the song, LAFS bounces back triumphantly, spitting a short verse over a lush production. I just wish that last part was a little longer.


Zachg – Swiss Zachary Robinson EP [Stream]

Floridian Zachg has called Las Vegas home for the last couple years. Unfortunately, he’s leaving us for Los Angeles. Before his departure, he leaves us with a couple gifts. The first is a new nine-track EP, four of which are self-produced. His style isn’t for everyone—half humorous, half lyrically dense, often vulgar and always void of any fucks. But if you embrace the eccentric, then you’ll dig Zachg, whether he’s dropping woozy, stream-of-conscious verses on the atmospheric “Say Mama Say” or flexing muscle on futuristic banger “Errl13.” His second parting gift comes in the form of a free concert, this Wednesday, Jan. 14 at Bunkhouse. Peace, Zachg.


Marion Write ft. Nate Quest and Nick Crucial – “Rebel American” [Video]

Marion Write has been mentioned in a couple of these columns. I’m not playing favorites; he just keeps dropping dope shit. Just last week he released the video for “Rebel American” from his Black Gold album. He brings the fire one this one, spitting with aggression over Rikio’s brooding production. Nate Quest and Nick Crucial don’t slouch either, but it’s clear this is Marion’s show. The video also takes on the controversial subject of police brutality with a Michael Brown-esque storyline.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the Internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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